Loyola University Health System –where do I fucking begin?

I have stared at this blank text box for a long time this morning.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
If you haven’t been following along from the beginning, let me share some links and a brief update.


Couple days ago I see a link to this story on Age Of Autism in my news feed: Day 19: Chicago Hospital Locks Down Autistic Patient.
And then here were the stories as it followed:
The Case of Alex
Day 22 of Agony
The quick version…
Child has GI Distress, Mom seeks help at local ER.
ER restrains the child to a bed, not following proper restraint protocol, often doesn’t get to patient in time, resulting in him lying in his own vomit and feces. (He was kept as a patient in the ER bay for 2 weeks before being admitted to Loyola)
Mom says, Hey, are we going to treat this bowel issue or not?
Mom is told Autism is a mystery and we need to treat his MIND and then his body will follow.
*Insert outrage from autism community*
Loyola then hides behind HIPAA to avoid having to talk about this… Parents flood hospital with calls and FB posts. Loyola takes away the ability to view public comments on their FB page.
Loyola tells mom, “You will agree to everything in our care plan, or DFCS will take your child.
Mom feels obligated to comply, wouldn’t you?
Their treatment plan?? Send the kid to the wacky ward. No GI tests have been, or will be done. They will continue, instead, to dope the fucking hell out of him –you know… to heal his mind. So that his mind can magically heal his bowel.

Are you up to speed?
Thing is, this is becoming more and more common in our community.
There are several cases that I know of RIGHT NOW where parents were accused of Munchausen’s by proxy, or otherwise neglectful, and the kids were taken away by child services and are now being drugged at the whim of hospitals  –even though there was plenty of medical documentation to back up the parents claims.  In one case you have a DX of PANDAS, something that NIH recognizes as a real illness but that the AAP does not. So Boston Children’s Hospital stepped in and took the child away –and instead of treating her properly for PANDAS, they are just drugging the fuck out of her and took away the parent’s rights.

That is the new trend, parents!! Dare to question your doctor? Dare to tell them they are not treating your kid properly?? They just take your kid away.
Easier to avoid a law suit that way!

That was EASY!

That was EASY!

Autism is Medical. Say it with me, Autism IS MEDICAL, MOTHER FUCKERS.
No matter what some of you ignorant asshats THINK YOU KNOW about autism and bowel disease because you read an article on the interwebs once that said that Doctor in England LIED! –You took it as gospel without doing any research for yourself on the case, I know this by the stupid things you say that are complete urban legends surrounding the case. So let us set the record straight. Some kids with autism have a severe novel form of bowel disease (often when biopsied, vaccine strain measles are found in the lining on the intestines.  This is fact. Not only did Wakefield find this, but the study has been replicated many times.  Do a little fucking research!)

Maybe we in the autism community are not doing enough.  We didn’t get to Alex’s mom before she ended up in the ER.  We NEED to make sure that every parent out there knows that GI PAIN will cause your child to act out aggressively. …and that a child with GI pain needs to be on a strict diet. …and that a child with GI pain needs to go see one of the COMPETENT doctors in the Autism community who deal with this, Like Dr Buie or Dr. KrigsmanInterview with Dr. Buie.

We need to make sure that every parent out there knows that there is a war against us and against our children. We need to make sure every parent knows that if you tell your doctor that they are not providing adequate care that they will take your kids away. Seek MAPS doctors. DO NOT go into the Pharmawhore controlled hospital systems. Those doctors don’t give a fuck about you and your kids. Those of you who still love Western Medicine need to get this into your heads.  They think we are desperate, attention seeking parents with Munchausen’s by proxy and they think our kids are “mentally” ill. We’ve gone back 60 years it seems and dear sweet Bernie is rolling in his grave.

Some of you may be thinking, “There has to be more to these cases!  They just wouldn’t come in and take the kids!” You are wrong.
Blinders off people.

This is fucking abuse. This is fucking kidnapping. This is fucking NAZI medicine. And if Illinois DCFS would have done their JOB, FOR REAL, they would have pulled Alex out of that hospital and given him to his MOTHER to take him for real treatment. We cannot stand for this shit.  WE CANNOT. Our kids will die, and we could end up in jail.

Start brain storming community.  Because this is the future for all our kids, John Stone says it well.
We either need to get the mainstream media to pick this up and shame the mother fucking hell out of these doctors until they are forced to listen and learn, or we need to build our heavily armed compounds… NOW.
Edit to add: Let’s not forget this too, Maryanne Godboldo.

It IS a do or die situation.

13 Thoughts on “Loyola University Health System –where do I fucking begin?

  1. Jill Rubolino on 13 March 2013 at 10:47 am said:

    Ready to roll
    Jill Rubolino
    Autism Is Medical

  2. Love this post! Ya’ll are incredible!

  3. Brooke Newman-Hawley on 13 March 2013 at 12:48 pm said:

    Please, Please, Please… keep following Alex. there is a growing passion within our community to FIGHT. Keep this story and this boy in the faces of everyone!! thank you for your commitment to helping children and families with autism.

  4. Jackie Sebell on 13 March 2013 at 2:44 pm said:

    And people wonder why we often will deal with illness on our own, rather then take our kids to the ER where they are often clueless about our kids with multiple chronic illnesses.

    • Exactly… what is the point in going? At best you get improper treatment or ignored. At worst… the improper treatment is harmful or they take your kids away.

  5. Kendra on 13 March 2013 at 3:29 pm said:

    This is becoming the norm not just in the U.S. In BC Canada, Derek Hoare had his autistic daughter removed when he dared question the schools methods of dealing with her and trying to explain why they were actually escalating her bad behaviors. They asked him to drug her and he refused. So after she eloped one day and Derek had to call the police to help find her, they used this as an excuse to remove her. It has now been nearly two years and his daughter is still in foster care and still on several heavy duty psychotropic and neuroleptic drugs. He has never ever had his day in court, no one in power has ever intervened on their behalf. If we as a community don’t stand up for these people, who will stand up when it is our child?

  6. Christina fergo on 13 March 2013 at 3:45 pm said:

    This story is the exact reason why I (a) only see an integrative medicine specialist (he was our DAN doc, I guess now MAPS) and (b) why I homeschooling Jack. I want him OFF THE FUCKING GRID, before some all-knowing, pissant Pharmawhore or behaviorist decides that my child needs the psych meds more than he needs his family. This is a scary fucking world. I just heard from a friend of mine this morning, she has no dog in this fight…3 healthy children…who said “this is not just a war against autism parents. I wouldn’t put my kids in psych meds for any reason either…therefore, that family could me mine.”. Keep spreading the word JWebs. Some people are listening.

  7. Donna Z on 13 March 2013 at 7:03 pm said:

    Can anyone update on the latest information on this story? Does the mom have an advocate, an attorney, a doctor, anyone on her side, helping her prevent Alex from going into a psychiatric hospital? There must be something that can be done to help Alex. I refuse to believe this is the end of the story! Please keep us updated!

    • She now has some other autism moms helping her. But at this point the “care plan” to send him to the psych hospital does not look like a course that can be avoided. Today she lost the battle to keep him at a facility in state. Remember, she had to agree to this, else there was a threat that DCFS was going to take the child from her.

      • Donna Z on 14 March 2013 at 4:27 am said:

        WHY the hell would they take him to another state away from his mother? What kind of special evil is in play here?! And how does she get Alex back…is this a temporary arrangement? What is the criteria for him going back into her custody? Heart is completely broken over this situation!

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